Drop dead beauty.

My flaky fingers hold my hope like the sacrosanct dusk, the better is my mind with the fall leaves, the turpid pick of the smoke, pulling strings impeccably, wretched you say?oh, I am just a maniac wandering on the ebb of tyranny, turbulence and war see the pattern?It’s beautiful though dark.

The puzzles cut my thumb,scars all over the white skin,
nourishing I call it
Jasmine, fresh flowers
the brutality spreads now in my eccentric jovial mind
straight in the pond of sinking lips
the pond of dropping diamonds.

24 thoughts on “Drop dead beauty.

  1. “straight in the pond of sinking lips
    the pond of dropping diamonds.”

    These are the strongest word images, which is exactly how you want to end a poem.

    “Close strong.”

    This is your chance to leave your final clue/message/point in reader’s mind.

    Keep in mind when we communicate whether face-to-face or even in written form our visual sense, so dominates all other senses that when you create a strong, especially different image the reader will create this physical image in their mind’s eye.

    Words without that spark and crackle may say something of even greater importance, but it are those visual images that remain with reader.

    I don’t completely understand the puzzle of the last 2 lines, but because you have created an unusual image with beauty to it, those will be the 2 lines I will be left contemplating throughout the day.

    Have a nice weekend Devika.


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    • This piece was a sudden impulsive one.Like the times, when we have to straight away vent out the flow of thunder from inside of our minds.
      I wrote it within minutes I guess without much thought.
      Though the last 2 lines express how happy I can be like “sinking lips” which is again an irony!
      I am glad your deep anaysis actually makes me to write better with the time.
      Thank you.

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