Chants of you

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The promise of high tide, the valour of blooming minds

in the blanket of stardust kiss

in the essence of my apron,

I carry thy words in my uptight hair bun

breezing the hopes, the yearning tongue in the air

Like I see a reflection in the consonance of my eyes

The paintings carved in my belly-button

like a deep slumber of a half-slept moon

establishing the prodigious words of skin,

the language of my pink tongue.

I see you as my dream-catcher sprinkling feathers on my soft breasts

on repetition, you collide with my heart

An Orphic diamond kiss on my eyes.

The daydream is ephemeral for you shall rock

me in the cradle of lavender fields.

As my hair strands say phosphenes chants of you.


36 thoughts on “Chants of you

  1. Like I said you write romance and passion pieces better than I do. In both poems you wrote today, you created very strong “word pictures.” Images that stay in the reader’s mind long after the reading. In a poem, each word is selected like a jewel. Your selection and arrangement of the jewels today will leave all readers with a smile… and wanting more.

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  2. I like the mystical and the nods to classical constructs. Flows well, like it accompanies some faint music, perhaps that from a lyre.Love work as always (and your romantic writing is just as good as your other genre pieces, wonderful and from the heart)

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